The more ***… the hotter the sauce! No *… No heat.



Not too sweet with just a touch of smoke, our BBQ is the perfect blend of spices, tomatoes & molasses. GF


Not Blue Cheese. Not Ranch. This is Binga’s Famous Blue Cheese style dipping sauce with ranch-like spices. Cooling and delicious. Perfect on everything from salads to pork to wings. Anything you can imagine! GF

Garlic BBQ

Binga’s BBQ with fresh roasted garlic. You gotta love garlic to love this sauce, but if you do, it’s a unique twist on our classic BBQ. GF

General Tso’s

Yes sir. Soy, Hoison, Peanuts… Sweet and delicious, Chinese-restaurant-style. Great on smoked wings.

Honey Mustard

Our own Dijon-based honey mustard. Great salad dressing too, and perfect on sweet fries. GF

PB & J

Yup, it’s really PB&J. Peanut butter and grape jelly, this is a sweet sauce that is awesome on many menu items. GF

Salt & Vinegar Dry Rub

Seriously. Like the chips. A dry rub that’s great on wingas and fries! Also known as The Salty Karen. You’ll understand if you meet her. GF

Sweet & Sour

We took the sauce’s name literally and then added our own special touch – we use real mango for the sweet! GF

TeriYawkee Way

Our teriyaki is a tribute to the street surrounding Fenway Park in Boston. We’ve added a bit of sweetness and pineapple to our soy sauce base.

Thai BBQ

BBQ and Thai chili mix. Sweeter than BBQ. Smokier than Thai chili. Great on meat. GF

Thai Chili

A sweet chili sauce. GF


Albany Style Dark

Have you eva’ been to Albany? Didn’t think so. And if you have, keep it?to yourself. Albany Style Dark is our classic buffalo with a healthy dose of Worcestershire, giving it a neat tang. * GF


Our take on the classic wing sauce from Buffalo, NY. A bit of heat with a buttery finish to make it feel like the traditionalist that you are. * GF

Buffalo Bacon Nacho

Served warm, this decadent sauce is a mixture of bacon and nacho cheese, kicked up a notch on the heat scale with?a touch of our buffalo sauce. This sauce is a tribute to the fact that you only live once. Enjoy! *

Buffalo Garlic

Many people say this is our best?buffalo variant. Binga’s classic buffalo with fresh, roasted garlic. Wonderful on smoked wingas. * GF

Honey Chipotle

A slightly smoky sauce with a sweet finish, this sauce also goes great with pulled pork. * GF


You know you’re a Redneck when you can’t get enough of this sauce. It’s a maple buffalo that gives you the much desired sweet with a touch of heat. This super popular sauce was named by Ryan Coleman (RIP). It was intended to go perfectly with both his tenders and his French toast sticks. * GF

Thai Peanut

Asian-style peanut sauce. Mild spice, with soy sauce and plenty of peanut. *

Valley Girl

The name comes from a 2am conversation with a Wharf Street regular: Girl: “Could you, like, mix BBQ, buffalo and honey mustard? Could you, like, totally name that sauce after me?!” Us: “Sure.” And we were left with the delightful Valley Girl, one of our most popular sauces. * GF


Blackened Dry Rub

Binga’s custom Cajun Dry Rub Blend adds a nice heat and flavor to everything. ** GF

Hot Buffalo

Buffalo sauce with a bit of a hot wallop! ** GF

Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub

A bit of heat, a bit of spices and a great all-around flavor. Unlike most jerks, this one is a pleasant surprise. ** GF



The name says it all. Diesel is a strong sauce, a sauce meant for heat and speed and fast things. You’re likely to break a sweat, but you can power through it. After all, you’re diesel. *** GF

Diesel BBQ

A blend of our diesel and BBQ sauces, resulting in the perfect mixture of heat and Q on your meat. *** GF

Diesel Garlic

A hot take on our buffalo garlic sauce. Fresh, roasted garlic goes great with the heat. *** GF

Hot Mango

Real mango chutney with hot peppers make this classic sauce a winner for heat- lovers. It’s great on everything it touches, from our BBQ to tenders, from fries to sausage. *** GF


A creamy jalapeño, fresh basil and black pepper sauce, the KGB following is die-hard. It doesn’t hold well on hot take-out, but it’s an incredible side for just about everything. What does KGB stand for? When you sauce your wingas, you’ve got one “Killah Green Bird” man. *** GF

Sour Diesel

Tart and hot, this sauce will make you sweat and pucker your lips. You’ll taste a hint of lime through the heat. GF

Spice Girl

Valley Girl is delicious, but many people wanted it with a kick of heat. We added some diesel and gave it a ridiculous name. You still love to order it! *** GF

Spicy Redneck

You guessed it. This is our spicy version of our redneck sauce, aka a Sweet Maple Diesel. *** GF



Painful. Perfect for those who need a good sweat. This was our hottest sauce until we introduced ‘08 Fire Sauce. Not for the faint of heart. REALLY HOT! GF

’08 Fire

The Binga’s on Congress Street burned down in 2008. This is our tribute. The ‘08 Fire is a ridiculously red-hot-burn sauce that simply isn’t appropriate for most people. It makes women scream and grown men cry. EXTREME! GF